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SPEAKING & Teaching

Dani regularly presents at various Christian churches, conferences, webinars and other events. Her current speaking and teaching ministry tends to focus on singleness, sexuality and questions of identity within the contemporary evangelical church.


Dani also speaks more generally in Christian theology, bible teaching and pastoral care. She especially loves teaching these things to other women.

Some of the topics Dani is often asked to speak on include:

  • A "diagnosis" of singleness within contemporary evangelical culture and discourse

  • Lessons to be learnt from the theological contours of singleness and marriage throughout church history 

  • The socio-historical development of the nuclear family and the theological relationship between the biological family household and the church as the household of God

  • The importance of eschatology for a theology of singleness

  • Pastoral insight into how to help move singles from the margins to the middle of our church communities 

  • And more...

She is also available for interviews and podcasts.


If you would be interested to hear more about how Dani might be able to contribute to your event or ministry, or if you would like to read some recommendations from those who have invited her to speak in the past, please click here to get in touch.

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