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Dani is a post-doctoral theological researcher, author, and speaker with a focus on biblical singleness, sexuality, theological retrieval, and worldview formation.

Dani is the author of The Meaning of Singleness (IVP Academic, 2023). She is also the founding director of the Single Minded Ministry


She is an ordained Anglican deacon who serves as the Sydney Anglican Diocesan Research Officer and as a member of the Diocesan Doctrine Commission and of the Australian Anglican General Synod.


She writes for publications such as Christianity Today, ABC Religion & Ethics, and The Gospel Coalition Australia, and speaks frequently at conferences, events and on podcasts.  

You read more about her work here.

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Abstract Architect

Is Christian singleness a burden to be endured or a God-ordained vocation?  Might singleness here and now give the church a glimpse of God's heavenly promises?

Winner of IVP's 2023 Reader's Choice Awards

in the category of Cultural Engagement

Treweek helps us recognize the vital, hopeful, resurrection-oriented role that single Christians can and should play in the body of Christ.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a serious, orthodox, and scholarly exploration of the meaning of singleness.


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