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I'm Rev'd. Dr Dani(elle) Treweek.

I'm  a Christian theological researcher, author and resourcer whose ministry focus lies in resourcing Christian individuals & communities on biblical singleness, sexuality, worldview formation & other related topics.

More about me...

I was born and bred in Sydney, Australia and don't remember a time when I didn't trust in Jesus as my Saviour and call on him as my Lord. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree, I went on to attain a Bachelor of Divinity (Hons) at Moore Theological College (Sydney) and a Doctorate in Philosophy through St Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra. My thesis is titled 'The End of Singleness? Towards a Theological Retrieval of Singleness for the Contemporary Church'.


I am ordained as a deacon within the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and have served on the ministry team of a number of different churches in Sydney. I am a member of the governing bodies of a number of Christian organisations, speak regularly at various conferences, events, churches and podcasts, and actively serve in my church.


I am also the founding director of the  Single Minded Community  whose vision is to teach what the bible says about singleness, marriage, sexuality, identity, relationships and other topics.

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I am regularly invited to present at various Christian churches, conferences and other events. My current speaking and teaching ministry tends to focus (though not exclusively so) on my particular research area of singleness within the contemporary evangelical church. 


Some of the topics I am often asked to speak on include:

  • A "diagnosis" of singleness within contemporary evangelical culture and discourse

  • Lessons to be learnt from the theological contours of singleness and marriage  throughout church history 

  • The socio-historical development of the nuclear family, it's ideological positioning within evangelical Christianity of the twentieth century and the theological relationship between the biological family household and the church as the household of God

  • The importance of eschatology for a theology of singleness

  • Pastoral insight into how to help move singles from the margins to the middle of our church communities and practical suggestions of how to love single Christians well in both word and deed

  • ... and more!


If you would be interested to hear more about how I might be able to contribute to your event or conference, or if you would like to read some recommendations from those who have invited me to speak in the past, please click here to contact me.

Speaking & Teaching

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